orks painting guide warhammer

Ork Skin

Orks are horrible gits. They have BIG muscles, probably smell, have a very bad attitude, and lots and lots of teeth. Not even a mother would love their faces. They love to wage WAAAAGH, and while being a bit gung ho and somewhat dense, they have a technical affinity for machinery and weapons that belies their initial orky gorkiness.

Here’s how you paint them.

Skin tones:

• An initial base coat of Abaddon Black. Cover all of the plastic with a 1:1 mix of paint with water – this goes for all the paints and shades mentioned here.
• thin coat of Waaagh Flesh to give the flesh its initial colour.
• Biel Tan Green with a fine detail brush to shade the flesh and bring out the muscles and facial details. Let it dry for about an hour.
• Layer 1 – Warboss Green, using both a small detail brush and a flared brush to add extra highlights.
• Layer 2 – Skarsnik Green, using both a small detail brush and a flared brush to add extra highlights.
• Layer 3 – Moot Green to add the final skin highlights. Use a flared brush for some dry brushing. And use half as much of the previous paint.

Mouths and Eyes:

• Screamer Pink as the base colour for the mouth and gums.
• Evil Suns Scarlett for those Orks that have tongues. Just enough of this layer paint to highlight the groove with a fine detail brush.
• Ushabti Bone for the teeth. Using a fine brush, paint up to just below the gum line. Also, it’s good to do the hair and any bandages at the same time, as well as the odd skull if these are present.
• Agrax Earthshade to darken the mouth, bring out the teeth, gums and tongues where applicable, as well as the eye pits. Wait to dry for about an hour to be on the safe side.
• Screaming Skull next to layer the teeth and bring out the veneers.
• Evil Sunz Scarlet for the eyes – just two tiny little dots. And I mean tiny.
• Leadbelcher or Auric Armour Gold for the jewellery, and Ushabti Bone/Screaming Skull for tooth earrings.