In these pages are some guides, ideas to play with, and examples of a supposedly fully grown adult messing about with stuff.  There will be videos of interesting oddities on YouTube, the odd rambling on Facebook and Twitter, maybe even the occasional picture on Instagram.

In the meantime, feel free to bookmark these pages if you find this stuff useful.

Evil Sunz Orks

Introduction For this build, I have assembled just under fifty Orks in the Evil Sunz livery, and to give you some idea of the time it took, each layer of paint on average took two hours to add collectively to the group from my little production line.  Adding the times...

Ork Skin

Orks are horrible gits. They have BIG muscles, probably smell, have a very bad attitude, and lots and lots of teeth. Not even a mother would love their faces. They love to wage WAAAAGH, and while being a bit gung ho and somewhat dense, they have a technical affinity...